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How to take Your Book (and E-Book) from Manuscript to Market with Amazon's CreateSpace, Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Google Play

Hire the Self-Publishing Guru or see the book on,, Google Play, Nook, or Kobo.
Before you invest any more time or money in your self-publishing project, invest in this book. It will be the best investment you make! You'll learn how to perform many of the publishing tasks yourself, so you can hire outside help for only those tasks that you really can't (or don't want to) do on your own. You'll learn what a self-publishing guru really does, so you'll have a better appreciation of what your professional co-creators actually do before you hire them to do it.

The Self-Publising Guru has helped many first-time self-publishers (and some more seasoned "pros") take their embryonic manuscripts all the way to Amazon and other publishing outlets in print and e-book formats. In this book he explains how he does it, and shares with you the "tricks of the trade" that he has discovered over many years working on many
publishing projects.

While he can't tell you exactly what to write, and how to write it (that's your job), he can help you to produce and market a book / e-book combo that will actually make you money (one way or another).
"Having always possessed a passion for publishing as a sometime author (of books and magazine articles for professional publishers), in 2007 I decided to quit my very lucrative “day job” to become a serious self-publisher.

What I lost in income, I gained in happiness by doing what I had always wanted to do—making a living (mainly from home) by creating and selling information products in print and e-book
formats. And helping many other authors do likewise as a provider of professional editing, book design, and publishing services.

In this book I share the knowledge I acquired during my seven year self-imposed self-publishing apprenticeship."

Tony Loton

Hire the Self-Publishing Guru or see the book on,, Google Play, or Nook.

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